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With a background in the construction business, the brothers Athanasios & Konstantinos Vrakas kept up with the needs in the construction field and established the company “DIAS” which is a model company in the placement of constructional scaffolds. Ever since 1989 when they took up the family business of lime-cast run by their father Christos Vrakas, extended it and since 2004, made it known as a hiring and placement scaffolding company.

The philosophy behind the company “DIAS” is that technical skills and specialized knowledge can diminish the danger and add to the efficiency in the construction field.

Assembly and placement of the scaffoldings is done with all safety precautions and aiming in stability and efficiency of the work being done. Nowadays, accidents in the work place are unjustifiable.

At “DIAS” we aim at offering both modern and safe solution to the all increasing needs of the construction business.

The specialised staff at “DIAS” is capable to place scaffolds on every type of surface regardless of the difficulty factor and according to the particularity of each case…

Our high safety specifications, as stipulated by law, and the quality certifications ISO 9001/2000 that we acquired have made “DIAS” be considered as one of the most reliable companies in Thessalia.

With constant update and participation in exhibition both in Greece and abroad, our company becomes gradually competitive in the field of hiring and trading of scaffoldings.

Ever since 2007, “DIAS” is located in privately owned facilities in the city of Larissa.

Proof of our continuous growth is the number of clients we have, among which one finds, individuals, civil bodies and some of the largest construction companies in Greece.

With a sense of responsibility towards those who trust us, and always aiming at preserving the integrity of the worker, the founders of “DIAS”, brothers Athanasios & Konstantinos Vrakas, promise to continue their pioneering work and offer solutions to this very important field of construction business.

Safety of human life is nothing to negotiate about and it will continue to be the motive for the development and the evolvement of the company.